I will send you 5 rap albums

send you 5 rap albums
send you 5 rap albums
send you 5 rap albums
send you 5 rap albums

About This Gig

5 NEW DOPE Hip Hop Albums for $5??? 

Yup, you heard right!!! & course, EXCLUSIVELY on Fiverr.

I'm offering my complete digital catalog of music for $5 bucks! You'll get:

Walk Twice As Hard - My Latest Release about  the physical handicap I've coped with since childhood. Included, is 16 heart-felt tracks with superbly crafted wordplay & story-telling themes. I once weighed 500 pounds and walked with crutches, but I overcame my difficulties & became more than just a man who can stand on his own two feet, but a gifted MC who truly "stands out" from the rest!

Common Law - My Debut Album 

The King of Queens (Mixtape) - After appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VMAMoq9zHc) & winning numerous Rap Battles, I decided to release a victory mixtape.

Bow II The Bow (EP) - One of my favs. For this one I teamed up with one of the best turntablists in the game & made a hardcore, super-lyrical, fast-paced hard hitting album. 

365 Daze (One Yr. of Music) - Compilation Includes all the compilations, along with other singles that were released & not included on my albums.