I will write you a personalized rap song about anything

write you a personalized rap song about anything

About This Gig

Ever wanted to write a rap song for something or someone?  Whether it be something fun or something meaningful?  Well, I'm here to help!

More & more I've been getting requested to write an original rap from scratch, so I figured I'd make a gig offering it Exclusively on Fiverr. So in this gig, I will write you your own personalized rap song consisting of either 8 or 16 bars for you to go ahead and say yourself or to have me record it for you!  For those who don't write songs, 16 bars equals one verse. If you're not a pro & you're going to say the rhyme by yourself, I'd suggest going with 8 bars (half a verse) instead, as you'll quickly find out, rapping and BEING GOOD at it, isn't necessarily as easy as it sounds! I mean after-all, that's why you're here right?!

If you want me to record it for you, please check out my other gig regarding recording a rap.

8 bars = 7 gigs
16 bars = 14 gigs

(Full songs are available upon request)