I will provide professional translation of your BOOK

provide professional translation of your BOOK

About This Gig

Please make sure to contact me before booking!
Please also include your text or parts of it in your enquiry!

Are you a writer who wants to enter new markets? Are you an agent trying to get a new or established writer out into the world?

I translate everything from stories for children to love to crime to science fiction to thriller and from English to German and vice versa.

I love reading good stories of all genres myself and will do my very best to create an original, perfectly readable translation of your FICTIONAL story.

Please provide your text in an editable format like Word.

Please note:
You must have all the rights to the story - or at least translation rights before ordering!

Do you have a long story/novel?
See my Gig Extras for longer texts or simply ask for a Custom Quote.

NO EXTRA FAST DELIVERY  for +2,000 words

Are you wondering whether your original text is flawless? Ask me for a quote on proofreading and/or copy-editing to find and erase the last mistakes.

Please see my other Gigs for translations of non-fiction texts.

Please make sure to contact me before booking!
Please include your text or parts of it in your enquiry!

Order Details

1 day delivery

Your Book

Any fiction text you wrote or have translation rights for. English to German and vice versa

  • Up to 500 Words
  • Proofreading

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is this book I would love to read, but I don't speak the language. Can you translate it?
    I can translate all books and short stories if you (a) wrote it and/or (b) are the rights holder for translation. However, I cannot simply translate a book, because you would like to read it in your preferred language.
  • I want you to translate my text exactly word for word. Can you do that?
    Yes, but it will sound awful. Books are better translated freely. Even if you want to use it for language learning, a literal translation is not what you want. After all you want to learn/teach the language perfectly. It is best to tell me what you need the text for.
  • I got this huge novel with more than 500 pages. You will give me a discount, right?
    No. Long texts are even more difficult to translate than short ones, because I have to take great care to keep the same style and vocabulary. The gig rate is already as low as I can go.
  • I would love to have my book translated, but it is sooo expensive. Can you help me anyway?
    Maybe. If you want to sell the translation, we can agree on a royalty share. Please contact me, so that we can work something out.