I will perform a celebrity impression as the Joker or Bane

perform a celebrity impression as the Joker or Bane

About This Gig

*Please read all before ordering

For one gig I will provide one reading of your choice of up to 25 words, with an impression of The Joker or Bane. Scripts which are longer than 25 words will require the correct number of gigs calculated by (script length divided by 25).

This is the base level for my gig. If the cost of the project is only the cost required to cover the script length then do not expect a professional level of audio. No guidance can be given.

The type of project this would cover are more gags and little messages, like birthday messages and answering machines.

For a more professional recording. You need to buy the relevant number of gigs along with the extras for these orders.

I will not say anything slanderous against an actor and for scripts which indicate advertising I can't say that I am that person. I will not say anything politically motivated.

As I have a full time job during the week, I only deliver gigs at the weekend, hence the 2 week turnaround time. I have a fast delivery option of 7 days for $20 extra.