About This Gig

I'm a professionally trained and award winning singer/songwriter, working with major record labels. I will sing a jingle up to 10(TEN) seconds. Just send me an mp3 with a demo of the melody line, an instrumental mp3 to record over, and the lyrics. Purchase my "gig extra" if you want me to write the lyrics and/or create the melody. Purchase one gig per 10 second jingle. WATCH THE VIDEO for samples. This gig only includes ONE VOICE, so if you want it to sound like the ones in my sample you must purchase my gig extra to add harmonies, effects etc. Be prepared to send me a demo of the melody you want me to sing, or purchase the extra and I'll create a great one for you. If you want a different style than what is in my sample, ask for one in the genre you want- I'm sure I have one as I have written in all of them! PLEASE purchase the extra for editing....

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