I will master your song with hi end analogue equipment for $5

1 Revision Included / / 2 Days On Average
master your song with hi end analogue equipment
master your song with hi end analogue equipment

About This Gig


• 24h Delivery
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or you will have your money back!
• We specialize in electronic music but we can Master any genre.
• After Mastering your Song will gain increased Detail, Clarity, Depth, Width, Warmth and Punch making your song sound like a proper radio-ready record!
• You can choose your Analogue Master in High Quality 320Kbps Mp3 or WAV format.

How to prepare your MIX :

1. Make sure to avoid clipping, Highly recomended that you aim to export at around -6db
2. Disable any Effect in the Master, especially Compressors and Limiters.
3. Render in WAV at 24bit or 32bit if possible.
4. Upload to a cloud or filesharing service of your choice and send us the link.

For $5 more you get WAV format in 16bit/44.1Khz format for CD or 24bit/48Khz WAV format for Video applications.

For 15$ more you will get a Mastered for iTunes 24bit/44.1Khz format for Hi Res platforms like iTunes or Tidal.

For $20 more we will take extra care with your song and and dedicate 1 full hour to your Master. 

More Time = More Care = Even better results!

We can provide Mastering examples. Just contact us.

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