I will do Web and Desktop Application and Database Related Work

do Web and Desktop Application and Database Related Work

About This Gig

Please DO NOT order before we discuss the details.

I will develop a database for any platform any Versions. 

I have more than 1 years experience as a database programmer and IT professional. Specially on ORACLE. 

Please be as detailed as possible. 

Include in your request: 

1. Tables

2. Fields/Types ( phone number, formatted, default value, required)

3. Workflow (how you would like the database to function)

4. Related Information/Tables/Relationships ( 1 customer can have many orders, each order can have a different address)

5. Create a database entity-relationship model for you

6. Creating & designing  Databases for any versions 

7. Creating Tables & Queries to search through the database

8. Create any Views / SQL queries

9. Designing Forms included in (text, numbers, images, etc.)

10. Generating reports with any criteria you may have, and printing it.

11. Making the database searchable, by filtering data using any keyword provided.

12. Database in the desired format

13. ER diagrams

14. Database designing with relationships

Order Details

5 days delivery