I will edit audio for podcast

edit audio for podcast

About This Gig

For $5 (0-30 minutes)

I will remove up to 5 items from your 0-30 minute audio file, check overall volume levels and master levels, add music that you provide me, add your provided intro and outro and deliver mp3.  You must provide a list of your needed corrections with times.

For $10 (30-60 minutes) same as above

There is a minimum of $5 per 30 minutes of audio.  0-30 $5, 30-60 $10, etc.  

This includes 1 delivered audio file. 

If you need multiple files delivered with your order, They are $5 each.

You must provide mp3 or wav files using google drive or other methods that we can figure out .

I cannot remove items that are on top of something that you want to keep.  I am not able to remove "P" popping, voice echo, or microphone
 distortion. Always remember when recording dialogue between two people and you have it on one track and they are talking over one another that cant be edited separately.

I do not provide real-time listening through your file to find problems.  I cannot balance levels between 2 voices recorded on the same track.  I do support editing split track recording.

I only provide podcast editing in English.

contact me before buying so we can talk about your project.

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3 days delivery 1 Revision

edit audio for podcasts

For $5 (0-30 minutes)

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