I will proofread and correct your Fiverr Gig

proofread and correct your Fiverr Gig

About This Gig

You are losing a lot of Fiverr business for one simple reason - your Gig or web page simply is not grabbing attention. Why would someone want to do business with a professional who can't promote themselves?

You might be offering fantastic SEO article write ups or product descriptions, but if your own Gig page is rife with errors, who is going to take you seriously? How about translation services? A poorly written description only shows you know how to use a free online translation service...

Put yourself above the competition, and let me help.

You can change this trend right now by letting me proofread and edit your Gig description. I can also research competitor trends and offer appropriate images, just check my Extras! You can realize results immediately and your page views will start turning into orders.

Simply direct me to the page you want corrected, and I will return a Word file with my adjustments. It doesn't take much, but even that little bit will make your sales go through the roof.

Trust me.