I will showcase your project and link on my PG 13 blog

showcase your project and link on my PG 13 blog

About This Gig

SEO Blog Post Highlight

I will write a well-crafted SEO article on my blog highlighting your family-friendly project or site, whether it is a product, YouTube video, or other online entity. Highlighted items must fall within the realms of single parenting, home improvement, gardening, hunting, fishing, outdoors, sustainability, green, or related products.

My readers are 100% organic and real - this is an actual blog, not an SEO trap!

What You Receive

Posts will fall between 250-700+ words with at least one embedded link to the Gig project you are ordering. Appropriate SEO images will accompany the piece. Articles are Google searchable within an hour of publication.

Proven Success

I am the blogger for the popular platform Non Sequiturs, Under Foot Objects, and Unexplained Events, with marketing feeds to organic-only content providers and social-media subscribers specifically interested in the articles I create.

No spam, no gimmicks, no stuffed pages, and no garbage.

Skill and Professionalism

My background is in journalism and creative writing. I am a writer, here for you to share your project with my readers! I teach English and Humanities, so you know you're getting the best!