I will make a printout of a simple pattern

make a printout of a simple pattern

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Description Simple Printout Mock-up Mock-up and printouts
  Send me a pic of your simple shape or quilting square and I will send back a pattern. I will create a mock-up of your scrapbook page or quilt design on a printable page. Up to 20 shapes. I will include printouts of your mock-up for cutting and/or sewing. Up to 20 shapes.
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About This Gig

Scrapbookers, Crafters and Quilters! See a shape you like and need a pattern? I can do that. Have you finished a scrapbook or quilt and want to show off the design in a simple outline? I can give you a mock-up. Or-WORSE- did you create something by hand and now you or a friend want to recreate it but you don't have a pattern? I can save the day!

Send me your pictures and the measurements you need it to be in, and I can get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What constitutes a shape or simple block?
    A shape and simple block is the outline(s) of one item up to 5 cutouts. For example: a stuffed Rag doll body would be one shape. So would a three-tier cake with three colors and a candle on top. Any quilting block with 5 or less pieces. Not sure of your design? Send me a pic and I'll tell you!
  • Do you add in seam allowance?
    Yes, but only if I know it is going to be sewn together. A stuffed toy, for example, I would add it in automatically. It never hurts to let me know in advance, though.
  • How do I know if my design meets the shape limits?
    Send me a picture! I'll be more than happy to let you know.
  • Will the mockup be full size?
    Mock-ups will be on a traditional letter size PDF unless prior arrangements have been made. Contact me in advance to discuss other needs (and possible add on requirements).