I will convert your 6 Amazon Descriptions to HTML

convert your 6 Amazon Descriptions to HTML
convert your 6 Amazon Descriptions to HTML

About This Gig

I will help you convert it into a paragraph form description so your customers can easily skim read it!

Amazon Approved HTML
  • Bullets
  • Bold
  • Spacing

How does it work? 
Step 1: You rewrite your description in Microsoft Word and use Bullets, bold and spacing. Keep the character count below 1800 characters. The remaining 200 will be used for HTML.
Step 2: Send it to me to Convert
Step 3: You will receive a Text Document (notepad) with all the HTML
Step 4: Copy and paste to your listing!

- (6) Text-to-HTML files

WHY 6?
We're giving you 6 because of each listing's 5 Bullets and 1 Description. You're welcome to use all 6 for Descriptions.

Order Details

Text to HTML

Convert your (6) text descriptions to an easy to read HTML format with Spacing, Bold and Bullets

  • 1 Product Listing
  • 5 Bulletpoint Included (Per Product)
1 day delivery 1 Revision
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I send you my 6 Text-to-HTML sections?
    Please combine all 6 sections into a single Microsoft Word document and use a page break to separate each section. You should only have 6 pages. In return, I will send you 6 Text documents instead of Word documents. This is because word documents add HTML to text which would undo our work.
  • Do you check for spelling and grammar?
    We offer an additional gig for spelling and grammar checks. If you wish for us to rewrite it all, please purchase the additional gig.