I will show you how to become a project manager for mobile apps

show you how to become a project manager for mobile apps

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Description Project Manager for Mobile Apps Basic gig + Get Extras Basic, Standard gig + Extras
  I'll show you what exactly you need to start your online business and run huge success from apps! Showing you + free marketing tips to improve your app/game. Showing + marketing + what to target and hit $100 daily of revenue.
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About This Gig

You will receive huge tips & help on depending what gig you order.

This is the business I've been running since 2011. I had over 20 apps and made over $90k of revenue in total. 2014 I established my company as I started to hit 5 figures monthly!

Now I have other business I'm working on that's making me more, I am happy to pass my knowledge on.

What you should know but isn't essential as I will be teaching you:
  1. Learn how to work on the dashboard of Google Play Console or App Store iTunes Dashboard.

What you should have:
  1. A computer or Mobile phone that has internet full browser installed (Chrome mobile app)
  2. Time in your day

Warning: You must understand that once you start making money, there is no getting your life back, you will be literally hooked on trying to hit 5 to 6 figures!

Note: This GIG offered will not guarantee a success in making money at all. The mobile app competition is tough and if you have nothing good/unique to offer users then it is really hard in seeing success.
By you Purchasing this gig you understand that this gig might not be really work for you but still taking a chance in become successful.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you help working on android & iOS App Store?
    Yes. On the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All Android phones, tablets & Apple iPhones, iPads.
  • How much money can I really make?
    Think of this: 15 retail shops can open in the street and maybe only 1 will work out and become successful. Just like apps, you could release 15-50 apps and only one app could make you success or maybe none of them.
  • What if I want a refund after purchasing?
    We only refund if nothing has been sent to you. (no information). These information could go on for days as there is always something new everyday to learn.