I will analyze your web performance and give report

analyze your web performance and give report

About This Gig

--Please read before purchasing--

As experienced blogger who blogs for more than 6 years, I have tasted so many changes in tech and web trends, the tools, the search engine algorithms, SEO methods, etc.

I'm currently managing several major websites, working as web performance consultant and evaluator, writer, developer and creator. I have gained some experiences in the fields I'm working on which can be applied to your advantage.

So here's the list of what can I offer to you:

  • Advanced reports of your web performance.
  • in-depth researches of your web performance
  • meta keywords that you should targeted instead of your current keywords.
  • For WordPress-based websites, I can recommend some good and fancy theme and plugins to boost your web performance.
  • I will write down what I have found as a report and quick tips on how to fix the issues I have found..

Please send me a message before purchasing this gig.

Note: I will perform analysis in English or Indonesian website only for better results.