I will professionally do any job in MS Excel

I very much appreciate the help in learning better how to use a spreadsheet for organizational purposes. I feel I have a long way to go, but I plan to get there. Thanks again for the help. Lamar Morgan
Reviewed by lamarjmorgan over 2 years ago
Great job. Superfast delivery. Superb communication. Very impressed!
Reviewed by rayocross642 over 2 years ago
professionally do any job in MS Excel

About This Gig

I'm a professional in MS excel, Open office Calc and in any spread sheet work

I can help you with most of your requests in Microsoft Excel including:

- Macro : VBA - Visual Basic programming

- Formula (even creating custom ones), function

- Pulling specific web content (not mass scrape – ask!)

- Reorganizing data from the web to csv format

- Button, drop-down, form

- Export /import CSV

- Convert any file to Excel (PDF, Word, scanned, etc.)

- Word mail merge

- Invoice and company quote template

- Dashboard

- Dedupe : removing duplicates from data

- Chart and graph

- Fix corrupted Excel and Access database

- Recover lost password of Office files (ask!)


What I don't to? Excel built-in Pivot Tables & manual data mining

I've been working with Excel for several years so probably I can help you as well.