I will show you how to increase webinar landing page conversions

show you how to increase webinar landing page conversions

About This Gig

"Webinars have become the most powerful marketing channel for acquiring customers."

So you have access to webinar software giving you the ability to run webinars - but now what?

How do you get people to sign up for your webinar?

Typically, most people use the standard webinar landing page that comes with the webinar platform but that's a huge mistake.

Simply because most webinar platforms do not specialize in sales copy or converting prospects.

So, if you really want to convert your prospects into customers, you must create your own landing pages and your own sales copy.

This video course will show you how to have a landing page that has
gotten over 40% conversion rate.

Basic Gig Videos: 

  1. Overview of the course
  2. Before the Sales Copy
  3. Benefits
  4. Headlines / Sub-Headlines
  5. Freebies
  6. Curiosity
  7. Scarcity
  8. Compliance
  9. Inside the Webinar Funnel

Extra Gig
eBook - I will show you how to build a Funnel that makes people buy anything you recommend.