I will get a girl to stop talking to YOU

get a girl to stop talking to YOU

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Description Complete the text (Up to 5 texts). Box of Chocolates Anti-Wingman
  Send me the last unanswered text she sent. I will give you random weird responses to repel her. I will write a "personalized" letter for you to send to her with weird randomness. I will advise you for 72 Hours on what weird things to do until she no longer wants to see you.
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About This Gig


I will repel girls away from you. If there is a girl you are no longer interested in seeing I can tell them the weirdest things that will make you unattractive again ! 

Think of the suavest person you've ever met. I'm the total opposite ! Call me the Anti-Bond. 

I've never been on a date, or even kissed a girl ! My lack of life experience is invaluable and key in understanding how to repel women ! I truly understand what women DON'T WANT. Most Importantly, I can do it without being rude, using profanity, or being mean. 

Over the past 30 days, I have sent messages to over 150 women and only 3 women have replied. 
That's a 2% reply rate! I have not received any phone numbers in the last 30 days either ! But the absolute key factor is my 0% block rate ! That means I'm not being disrespectful ! 

If you really want to repel a girl away, throw your girlfriend an April fools curveball, or just have me be awkward then I'm your guy ! 
I PROMISE that girl you talk to will find you too weird for her taste !

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a joke ?
    It can be. But, if a joke can stop a girl from talking to you then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Do you live with your parents ?
    No! Not that there is anything wrong with that. I live alone and have some spare time because OBVIOUSLY I'm not out dating.
  • Why are you doing this ?
    For every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. I basically bring balance to the force. There are dating assistants out there that help you get dates; I can fill in the niche market for men that need assistance breaking off future potential dates or getting out of current dates.
  • Are you being passive-aggressive ?
    Not at all. I was inspired by the movie 'Her' starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johanson. I have a gift for creativity.
  • What if the girl still wants to continue seeing me after you pass down your wisdom ?
    Then, my friend, there are 3 explanations/options: 1) You are probably a HUGE commodity and a great catch . 2) She is probably the girl of MY DREAMS so you could give her my number. 3) It could be a sign that you must shut off all communication with her.
  • Are you Ugly ?
    Not at all. Just awkward. In my lifetime I could have easily gone out on with 17 different girls or had my first kiss 10 different times. Yes, I counted. If I could do go back in time and do it differently would I ? No.