I will effectively promote your brand

effectively promote your brand

About This Gig

This gig is meant for a brand who is looking to grow their presence and drive business to there social media page. I have many clients who purchase off my website, but i decided to bring this powerful gig to Fiverr. 

Instagram account: @wayv.ny 
$5= 1 post 

With a purchase of $5 gig:

-Feature on Instagram page with highly active 13k followers (300+ likes per post) 
-I will tag 20 top accounts who will see the post and be attracted to your brand
-I will write a caption of your choosing
-Photo of your choosing
-Feature is permanent and will never be removed
-You will gain following (can not control reactions of users, but many clients have seen positive results)

-Photo will remain on account, and future users will see it.  I gain about 50-100 followers a day.

Purchase the GIG, and lets grow together :) 

Order Details

1 day delivery