I will be your secret confidant


About This Gig

A good confidant is someone with whom you can share your secrets...  and that's where I come in. My name is Wildo, I am a kind and excellent listener and friend. I am quite open-minded and will only comment or give an opinion at your request.

Why do you need a to open up to a secret confidant?

  • Most people feel the need for a trusted confidant.

  • According to the book, The Psychology of Secrets, “Some of the main benefits of revealing secrets are that it can alleviate... stress and guilt... provide the opportunity to receive new insights on the secrets...and make the revealer more likeable." 

Call and tell me what's on your mind. Dark secret? Something bothering you? Secret story? Get it off your chest! Order this gig, and I'll provide you with my personal voicemail (U.S. number). I listen to all calls. This $5 gig includes one call. 100% confidential and private with a 100% money-back guarantee. Simply cancel if you are unsatisfied.

Sharing big or little secrets with a confidant can provide relief.  Imagine how good you’ll feel, knowing that you no longer have to hold it all inside. Free yourself! Call today and let it go.

¡Aceptamos llamadas en Español!