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  As your success partner, I'll keep you accountable to your goals for one month. As your success partner, I'll keep you accountable to your goals for 3 mos.! Plus free ebooks I'll keep you accountable to your goals for 6 mos.! Plus free ebooks and secret meditation mp3
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About This Gig

"Why do I need an Accountability Partner?"

Surrounding yourself with people who keep you accountable is critical for success. You are more likely to stick to your commitments and to show up when you're accountable to someone else.

Hi, my name is Wildo, I'm a practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, and I'm passionate on personal development & growth. If you choose this gig, I'll be your accountability partner. You can count on me whether it's a short one-time goal or if you need me to stick around for a longer commitment. Upgrading to Standard or Premium will get you extras like a free copy of "The Science of Getting Rich."

Using Google Docs, you will check-in online with me, every week, documenting at least 3 key actions you took during the week towards reaching your stated goal or towards creating the life you love. Once a week, I'll review your entries while providing feedback, commentary, and/or encouragement on your accomplishments. All info provided remains confidential.

As your accountability partner, I am here to:
 + Help you stay committed
 + Help you show up consistently
 + Help you take action regularly

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