I will experts, speakers to consultants to reach 10 million real TV viewers

The staff from Idefine TV are top-notch! Every interaction with them was courteous and friendly and helpful. It is impossible to gauge the reaction viewers had with my video but based on personal communication, I have no doubt that this service fulfilled their end of the contract. Recommended!
Reviewed by keethy almost 2 years ago
experts, speakers to consultants to reach 10 million real TV viewers

About This Gig

Informative and Instructional Content!

We've got a new digital television channel poised to help experts, speakers, coaches and consultants like yourself to get your product, brand or service out to  a potential 10 million TV viewers: USA, Canada, and UK.... WORLDWIDE!

Order this gig  if you're ready to have your knowledge and expertise aired on one of our global channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (this is straight to real TV,  not web based)

Repeat... We're talking television!

Submit (1) video 10 to 15 mins on a below topic. MUST be informative & educational.  Real content, no ads.

Desired Topics: Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Business, Money, Family & Relationships are a few...

Video is broadcasted on our global network for the following order options:

(3 Gigs = $15) Aired 14 days
(5 Gigs = $25) Aired 21 days *Best value*
(8 Gigs = $40) Aired 30 days


To be considered for our network I ask that you please contact me first before ordering this gig with a link to either a video or website.  Want to make sure your subject matter suits our global network. 

You need to order this gig before it's taken down! Seriously!