I will do any market research

do any market research

About This Gig


I'm a qualified research analyst with good experience in searching databases and websites for info. 

I can do any of the following

1.       Complete Market Research:
If you are looking to enter any market and are unsure of its potential. Complete market research will include research about the competition, over all demand, pricing, demographics, target keywords, market size in terms of revenue (only if available), market potential for future. Basically any information available on internet.

2. Competitor Research:

Competitor Research can include comparison of the competitors on different parameters like pricing, services, customer reviews, discounts, marketing strategy etc

3. Data Mining: 
I can also conduct tasks related to data mining 
like exploring companies list, email ids, phone numbers, product list etc.

.4. Customized Research: Apart from this I can do any other customized research as per your needs.

5. Product /Service Comparison : Compare services/products of competitors on various parameters such as Price, delivery, discount etc.

Please message me before placing any order.