I will develop or bugfix your website in ruby on rails

develop or bugfix your website in ruby on rails

About This Gig

******************LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED!!!******************

I've a strong exp of 5 yrs in developing and deploying (uploading on server or making it go live) web applications using Ruby on Rails framework. 

Order me for:
  1. Any ruby issue
  2. Any rails issue
  3. Rails assignment or project
  4. Learn rails
  5. Problem with gem
  6. API integration
  7. Free solution for smaller bugs or issue.

I have worked and am skilled in:
Programming languages: Ruby, Ruby on Rails
Frontend  languages and framework: JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, Ajax
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB
Cache Stores: Redis, Memcache
Versioning System: Git and SVN
Deployment Tool: Capistrano
Cloud Server deployed on: AWS, Heroku , Digital Ocean, RackSpace, Engine Yard
Production Servers: Unicorn, Phusion Passenger, thin
Popular Ruby Gems worked with:  Devise, Cancan, Haml, Compass, Will Paginate, Paperclip, Carrierwave, Delayedjob, Resque, Kaminari, Nokogiri, Formtastic, Simpleform, Active Merchant, Eventmachine, Thinking Sphinx, Sunspot, Activeadmin, Railsadmin, Draper, Cells, Friendlyid, Sidekiq

Please contact me before you place any order so we can discuss the application in detail before we get started.

Contact me for my past work.