I will generate a Realtime SEO report for your Website for $5

/ 7 Days On Average
generate a Realtime SEO report for your Website
generate a Realtime SEO report for your Website

About This Gig

I can pin point your mistakes and can give you suggestion and advise that will boost your website optimization and the reports I generate are matchless.

What I will be doing for you.

I will briefly look into your website's every corner, from navigation menu to sidebar widgets, from articles to back links, from loading speed to your hosting web company reputation and much more.

after spending several hours on your site, I will generate A full fledged SEO REAL TIME REPORT that consist of 5 pages.

The very first page will be telling you, about the mistakes you are doing and will affect your Search engine optimization.

The 2nd page will consist of details of your website loading speed java use flash use hosting company repo, repo market ip and sever other details that will guide you how they can affect or already affecting you SEO.

the 3rd page consist of back links and link building statics of your site, so you could know which types of links are harmful for you.

the 4rth page will be all about your competitors site  so you can engage in activities your compositors are doing.

The 5th page will be full of suggestions and ninja tactics to get your SEO a boost.