I will transform the fonts on your site

transform the fonts on your site
transform the fonts on your site
transform the fonts on your site

About This Gig

Please contact me before ordering, so we can make sure this gig fits your needs.

Your inspiration may have come from any number of different sources; another site you've come across, a leading font foundry, the work of a top type designer, or my gig photos! Perhaps you're not happy with a template you've bought, or the angle of your site's content has changed to the point where the typography no longer fits it. Whatever the case, you recognize the critical difference type makes. If you're wondering whether a fabulous print font you've seen in a graphic design can be used as the text font for your site, the answer is a resounding YES IT CAN (probably :(). Web fonts are the answer, but they're not used correctly in many cases, are under used at that and are an Internet Explorer compatibility minefield.

I can selectively replace or wholesale replace all the fonts on a site, page or web development that's yet to go live. If you want my critical eye for what would work best for your project, I'll be happy to advise, else I'll leave that part to you and stick to the technicalities of making the font(s) you've chosen work on your site.

Send me your questions for free advice.

Order Details

2 days delivery

2 Day Implementation Special Offer

Implement your chosen fonts to work on your site

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What font file types can you work with?
    OTF and TTF are the most common, but also WOFF, WOFF2, EOT and SVG.
  • What versions of IE (Internet Explorer) do you support?
    IE8 and above.
  • I've got a fantastic font on my desktop system, can you guarantee I can use that as a web font?
    I can check for you before you order. You're certainly welcome to supply a font file you already have, as the basis for a web font.
  • Are you saying a web font on a website can have the same visual quality as a PDF document produced by a top graphic designer?
    It's approaching that level of quality in modern browsers. There are differences, for example in recent Firefox versions web font rendering can really look stunning, whereas in Chrome and other browsers that use the same rendering engine (like Opera), the quality is still catching up.
  • Where do you recommend looking for ideas and inspiration?
    MyFonts and Webtype are great. Imagine how good your site would look with typography of that standard. Also try searching DaFonts.
  • Can you show me how to do this myself, so I can keep changing my site's fonts whenever I like?
    Sure, I'd be glad to teach you.
  • Can you make my site's text look exactly like that of another site I've seen.
    Yes, definitely.
  • Unfortunately there's something lacking from my website and it looks home made. Is it due to the fonts?
    I'll have to take a look at it, but often fonts are the culprit, though there could be other factors at play. One problem is free WordPress templates and off the shelf site templates in general. No template is ever exactly right for it's eventual content. That's why web designers were invented.
  • Can you work with WordPress?
    Yes. The CMS you're using doesn't fundamentally change the nature of the work to do this gig. I've also used Joomla, Drupal, MODX,Textpattern and my own CMS as well.
  • Can you advise on 3rd party hosted and self hosted fonts?
    Yes, there are number ways to do things and I'll advise according to your requirements. The key considerations are licensing and performance.