I will fix WordPress issues for $5

fix WordPress issues
fix WordPress issues

About This Gig

There always seems to be some kind of Wordpress issue that is just tricky enough to make things difficult. I have years of experience building Wordpress websites and helping clients.

This Gig is to fix or modify one minor Wordpress issue/error for $5.

Make sure your message me before you buy the Gig so we can clarify the work and price.

If you have more than one issue that will be more than one Gig.

If you have a complicated or time consuming issue that will be a Gig Extra.

In the event the fix or modification of one issue or error identifies another new issue or error, that new issue or error will be either another Gig or Gig Extra as applicable, it is not free.

Please remember:

          - we are here to help
          - we are not the authors of problems with other websites
          - some one else got paid to mix it up
          - we think its fair for us to be paid paid to fix it up
          - sometimes there are software restrictions beyond
            our control that may limit what you want
          - we are here to help