I will review your Google Adwords in Spanish or English

review your Google Adwords in Spanish or English

About This Gig

Is your Google Adwords campaign getting to many clicks but not results?

I have the solution , i will review your campaign and few of many things i will look for are :

*Type of keywords matching options your using or witch ones will be more convenient for your campaign.

*Negative keywords, quality scores improvements with ad groups , target locations, ad group extensions phone and site links, budget adjustments and many other things.....

Once we check for all potential improvements i will put that together in a report that will be send to you within 3 business days so you can start applying it.

Remember that we will need to get access to your  campaign so have ready you Adwords ID so i can send a invitation that you will need to accept in order to link your account to our MCC while we perform our review. "More information INSTRUCTIONS  FOR BUYER WITH ALL DETAILS"

I am experienced Google Adwords Manager in Spanish and English I have been working  for  more than 7 years  with all kinds of business  in all south america , usa and Europe.

For $5 I will check one of your campaigns and send you a brief report with potential improvements

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