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  25,000 views on LinkedIn Pulse article. 60,000 views on LinkedIn Pulse article. 200 likes & 10 comments on the LinkedIn Pulse article. 100,000 views on LinkedIn Pulse article. 400 likes & 10 comments on the LinkedIn Pulse article.
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About This Gig

Our company would like to compliment all business oriented users who are looking for a high quality services. The packages are not cheap, but guarantee value when used over time. 

Who We Are?
Our company was established 8 years ago and our input and marketing efforts have helped journalists and entrepreneurs to raise awareness through articles on magazines and news sites such as WSJ, Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, NYTimes, FastCompany, and many many more.

LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft and with its 430+ million business users is the largest business network in the world. Posting articles on LinkedIn publishing platform - LinkedIn Pulse can be beneficial for any entrepreneur in many ways like the ones below, but not limited to them:
  • Unlimited potential to sell any product, service, software, book, seminar spots, CPA, new site & channel subscribers, leads and much more!

  • This service will bring you genuine worldwide visits coming from LinkedIn users. We will complete everything we promise in matter of views, likes, and comments(depending on the pack you choose). 
  • If, for any reason, we don't manage to deliver the associated pack you purchased, we will refund you in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will the views come from?
    All of the views will come from LinkedIn.
  • How to track the progress of my order?
    There are few easy ways to do that: 1) We will send you a screenshot with the current views, likes & comments. 2) You can track how many views your article has under your "Author's" page in Pulse. 3) You can track likes & comments directly on your Pulse article page.
  • Which countries is the views coming from?
    Mainly USA(over 70%), UK, Germany, Western European countries, Brazil
  • What kind of LinkedIn users coming from us will be visiting your article?
    Entrepreneurs, Journalists, Recruiters, Small and Medium Size Business Owners, from Junior to Top managers!
  • Do you guarantee me any leads generation, subscribers, or sales?
    No, we cannot guarantee that. Our LinkedIn services help people to build brand awareness; however, we cannot control the actions of tens and even hundreds of thousands of people. It is up to them to leave you a comment, to pay for your book, or to buy your service/software.