I will help you calculate and track your calories to lose weight

help you calculate and track your calories to lose weight
help you calculate and track your calories to lose weight
help you calculate and track your calories to lose weight
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About This Gig

For just one gig I will give you an Excel based template to calculate and track your calories, carbs, protein and fat. I will setup your general information and the file will calculate your needs and you can track your calorie consumption in order to lose weight! It includes:
  • Over 850 different food types to choose from as well as over 60 beverages
  • Calculate the amount of calories, proteit, fat and carbs you should consume each day based on weight, height, activity level etc.
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Can also be used to maintain your current weight or even gain weight
  • Make your weekly meal plan with a preset printable option
  • I will temporarily calculate the amount of calories you should consume for free (according the Harris-Benedict formula), based on information which will be requested during the order process. So you only have create your meal plan by selecting the preset foods!

For an example of how the Excel looks like, please check the attached PDF file (setup calculation sheet including a day plan in grams as well as a day plan in ounces)


NOTE: Only works in combination with: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or higher



For more information, please see below FAQ







Order Details

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Excel calculate my target amount of calories?
    Based on the Harris-Benedict formula your calories will be calculated. You need to fill in your gender, age, height, weight, fat percentage, activity factor as well as a deviation between carbs, protein and fat in order for it to work. Temporarily I will do this for free for you!
  • Do you have an example of how it looks like?
    Yes, please find a pdf example in this offer. This examples contains on the first page the calculation sheet. The second page is a one day meal plan calculated in grams and the third page is the same meal plan calculated in ounces
  • Is it hard to setup the file?
    No, It will be done in 5 minutes and you are ready to fill in your nutrition program. In the nutrition program you have 7 templates referring to each day of the week to create a personal week plan
  • How do you calculate my needs as mentioned in your additional gig?
    I will provide you with some questions (never your name, address etc.). Based on those questions I will fill in the information in the first tab. Now you only have to fill in your own meal plan
  • Are food types preselected to choose from?
    Yes, In the nutrition plan / meal plan you can choose over 850 different types of food as well as 50 different types of beverages (both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic). Of course you can add more types of food yourself!
  • I reached my weight loss goal, is the file useless now?
    No, for sure not. In the calculation sheet there is an additional question related to your personal goal. In here you can set your target on "loose weight", "maintain your current weight" or even "gain weight". Based on your selection it calculates the amount of calories you should consume each day
  • I do not like sports, do I need to do this before this template is usefull?
    No, as you can set your activity level the file can be used with all kind of activity levels. Remember that doing sport will give you better result and is better for your general health.
  • Others offer a meal plan for just $5,- do you do that as well?
    I do not offer a meal plan directly. The reason for this is that a meal plan is very specific for a single person and only you know what types of food you prefer. Instead I give you the oppertunity to buy an Excel sheet to do it easily yourself so you do not have to keep buying meal plans.