I will provide a copy of The Goal Calculator

provide a copy of The Goal Calculator

About This Gig

I will provide you a copy of "The Goal Calculator".  This tool is designed to help you:
- Define (or find) your goals
- Prioritize your goals
- Achieve your goals

This tool is built within Microsoft Excel.  It will walk you through 6 Steps.  Once you complete the process, you will have identified the tasks necessary to complete your highest priority goal as well as targeted dates.

The calculator incorporates various attributes including your 5 year outlook as well as 10 different goal Categories.

  • Not accomplishing anything?
  • Need to accomplish more?
  • Not sure where you should focus your time or energy?
  • Too many goals and not enough time?
This tool will help with any of the items above.

To find out more about me, Google RichWeller .com