I will give you contact details for almost any CELEBRITY

give you contact details for almost any CELEBRITY

About This Gig

Veteran successful entertainment industry professional... talent agent, personal manager, writer,  reporter/producer ... will give you the proper information to contact any public figure.

Want to contact a celebrity for a fan letter, a proposal, make a request, or anything, I will give you details on how to reach them.  If I don't have them in my Rolodex, one of my colleagues will.  I don't, however, release personal email addresses or phone numbers.  I do, sometimes, have a home address...but, generally, I will provide you with the contact details of their professional representatives, such as manager, agent, publicist, attorney, production company or office.

Any public figure, one name per gig.

Veteran entertainment and broadcasting industry professional also offers producing, talent brokering and booking, for fees to be negotiated per project.

I hope I can help you out!