I will endorse your products on air

They can go for more and more
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endorse your products on air

About This Gig

We will be promoting and advertising your ad campaign on our radio program partners & I heart radio each afternoon, we will be playing the Endorsement for 1 times per hr, then it will be replayed on our 24-7 stream and available forever through our podcast.

What we need to get started would be a script or mp3 advertisement. Planning on placing the ad then we can have something within a week or so. Also please send me a link as well so I can tweet and facebook your link for 1 month with 2-3 postings each week. 

Banner ad I will need a jpeg image and link to post on our website.

Thanks for looking and we can not wait for your business.
{also please do not ask for a list of past advertisers, I am not allowed to give it out due to privacy concerns. We will not give you a website to the show either because due to Fiverr rules, we are not allowed to give outside links}

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