I will create a training plan

create a training plan
create a training plan

About This Gig

Are you looking for a healthier way of living? Or you want to get a six pack abdominal? Or simply wants a better self-esteem?
Why don't you workout?
Don't know how to start working out? Don't know exercises that you can do to start or to keep it going?


I can help you by creating a workout plan based of calisthenics exercises, with a great variety of exercises, in case you don't adapt to an exercise or two.
Calisthenic exercises are exercises that only involve your body weight, like the classics push up and abdominals. That means you don't need extra iron stuff to workout!

Get a training plan for you right now and start working with your body!
This is for all ages and exercises are only as tiring as you want them to be.

Obs.: I only do workout and training plans based on calisthenics exercise, with simple exercises involving weight that is only your own body.

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