I will select PC parts to fit your requirements

select PC parts to fit your requirements

About This Gig

I will make a PC parts list with all the components and their prices.

You tell me your budget and how you are going to use the PC, and I'll compile a list of parts for your perfect custom PC.

The basic gig includes:
2 suggestions (specific part you want me to include, preferred operating system etc.)
Delivery within 1 day

Additional Parts suggestions
I will include all your suggestions to help get the perfect PC.

Additional revisions
I will replace 2 parts in the list.
1 additional day

Order Details

1 day delivery

basic parts list

I will make a list containing all the picked parts and their prices. 2 suggestions included.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are keyboard and mouse included?
    No, only PC parts are on my list (e.g. graphics card, motherboard, power supply) Keyboard, mouse, monitor or other peripherals are NOT included.