I will be your Facebook Manager and Advertiser

be your Facebook Manager and Advertiser
be your Facebook Manager and Advertiser
be your Facebook Manager and Advertiser

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Description Basic Pro Expert
  1 Editorial content post per day in form of third party link, video, images, infographic etc. Basic plan + 2 ads+ 1 landing page Creation+ 2 ad campaign setup+Reporting Basic plan+ 3 ads + 2 landing pages creation+ 5 ad campaign setup+ Continuous optimization+reporting
Campaign Development
Seller will develop a social media targeted campaign
Page Optimization
Seller will optimize your social media page
Page Setup
Seller will set up your social media page (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Tailored Marketing Plan
Seller will provide a tailored action plan to improve your social media presence
Management Duration (Weeks)
Seller will manage a social platform for the amount of weeks indicated (see gig description for details)
4 4
Social Media Posts
Seller will create the number of social media posts indicated
1 1 1
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
0 2 2
Delivery time
  Select $100 Select $295 Select $495

About This Gig

Message us before ordering the gigs for consultation.

Whether your social media object is 

  • To bring awareness for your local brand, 
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Generate leads for your business or
  • Increase sales on your E-commerce platform

we can help you achieve your social media objective.

In our basic gig, we share your niche specific blog articles, images, videos and Infographic based on content marketing principles of buyer's persona and buyer's journey.

The aim of basic gig is to keep your media account active, while providing valuable useful content to your followers to keep them engage. This is the bare minimum you should do to maintain your presence on social media.

In basic gig, we share valuable editorial content to gain your followers trust. But to leverage this editorial content, you need to develop a sales funnel to direct interested audience from your Facebook account to your website or online store.

We develop this funnel with our premium gigs, where we build a custom sales funnel for your business with engaging ad copy, alluring graphics, landing pages and paid advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Message us now. Only professional consultation--No sales pitch

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your charges seems expensive. Why should we higher you?
    Quality comes at a price. Either social media marketing derives visible results or it doesn't; there is no mid-way. Either you spend $500 and get quality business leads or you spend $100 and get nothing.The choice always rest with you, we can only advise--choose wisely
  • Why should I do paid advertising, social media is a free marketing channel, I guess?
    Please understand social media marketing is no longer a free marketing channel, with decreasing organic reach, paid social advertising is today's reality. However, in hands of professional advertiser paid soci
  • How much traffic/ lead / sales will I get with premium gigs?
    Nobody can predict number for social advertising, nor do we. It depends on many factor like your target audience, market competition, advertisement budget etc.Rest assured, we implement industry best practices and principles to optimize ROI with continuous ad optimization and A/B testing.
  • How much money should I spend on social media advertising?
    It depends on your social media objective, target location, target audience, timing and niche competitiveness etc. In general you can start with $300-500 budget to see results. Buy extra gigs for it. We don't get anything out of it, all money spent on advertising--we provide transparent reports.
  • Why only 1 post per day?
    If you want more, I can post 2 post per day Max- at no extra cost. However, your followers expect no more than 1 post/day. Would you like to receive 3-4 post per day from your brand? How engage would you feel? No much,you might even unfollow the page. Researches indicate similar results. However,
  • Do you create custom graphic in any gig plan?
    Not in Basic. At this price point we cannot provide high quality custom graphic in basic gig, we share high quality third party valuable content to build audience trust, while in pro and expert plan we create 2 and 3 custom graphic respectively for Facebook Advertising.
  • Once I place order, how do you proceed?
    First I analyze your niche, your business, your competitor strategy and create your content marketing strategy for optimal performance and follow it, choosing hand-picked editorial content from authority blogs in your niche and sharing on your social media accounts.
  • Can I post my own content on my social media?
    Yes. Whenever you want, you can share your own custom content on your social account. Just keep in mind, they don't exceed two post per day including ours.