I will draft a professional contract or legal AGREEMENT

draft a professional contract or legal AGREEMENT

About This Gig

★★★ Looking for a professionally written Legal Agreement, Contract or other Document? ★★★

I will prepare and draft one for you!

Please contact me so I can let you know if I am able to take the order!

WHY order this Gig?

★ Because I am an LL.M Law Graduate in European Law.
★ Because I have 5 years of experience in:
✔ Preparing legal documents;
✔ Internet Marketing;
✔ Internet Law;
✔ Legal Compliance.

WHAT can I offer you?

✔ Lease Agreements

✔ Purchase Agreement

✔ Sales Agreement

✔ Power of attorney

✔ Employment Contract

✔ Website Design/Support Contracts

★ I will offer you next level service in flawless English, aiming to bring you maximum results!

HOW MUCH will it cost you?

★ For a simple Agreement or Contract - $5.
★ For more complex cases (explicit compliance with national law), a specific price quote will be provided.
★ Check out the gig extras for maximum results!


1. Names of parties and purpose of the Agreement/Contract.
2. Other information, which proves necessary.
3. Responsiveness for additional questions.

★ After the Agreement/Contract is made, I will provide it to you in a *.docx (MS Word) format.

Order today and make us of a PROFESSIONAL agreement or contract tomorrow!