I will promote you or your foodie product on my Cooking Site

promote you or your foodie product on my Cooking Site
promote you or your foodie product on my Cooking Site
promote you or your foodie product on my Cooking Site

About This Gig

Hi, I'm Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker and I am a hometown cooking, grilling, and barbecue Guru! You may have seen me on FOX, NBC, ABC, and even the Food Network and Emeril Live! I won the Emeril Live Barbecue contest!

I'll be happy to feature youhave fourteen books out on the market! NNow you got the chance to promote your recipes, website , restaurant or food , cooking related product / tool, or your cooking related video . Anything related to cooking, foods, diet you can get promoted on my blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I promote a cooking event or festival?
    Of course! I suggest planning ahead of course. If your event is a few days away I would suggest a focus on local media. If your event is several weeks or months away then please add me to your marketing plans!
  • How long can the article or PR piece be?
    I suggest posts between 500 and 1000 words. That's perfect reading for online viewers.
  • What does "foodie" related mean?
    I've posted articles about new products ranging from kitchen items to outdoor cooking gadgets. Even charcoal, vodka, spices, clothing, and more. I love small business, mom and pop, garage inventions, and more! Think barbecue, grilling, tailgating, kitchen, food stuff, gadgets, brands, and more.
  • Do you help write pieces or articles?
    I have several gigs offered relating to writing. That being said - I always review pieces and if I see something wrong, or something that can be tweaked, then I will be happy to run a quick fix by you in order to make a great post. This is often geared towards formatting, news style, etc.
  • Is a photo included?
    Yes - even a basic post at the $5 gig rate includes one photo. Images must be clear, content you own, acceptable to a general audience, and horizontal. Image sizes should be no smaller than 1200 pixels Wide by 675 Tall. Please note fuzzy, or low res images, will not be used.
  • What is not allowed?
    The Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker brand is important. We cannot allow material that is degrading to anyone or that can be considered as porn.