I will do any Typing and Data Entry job for you

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do any Typing and Data Entry job for you
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About This Gig

I will assist you in all kind of Typing and Data Entry work for you.
You can order my gig for the following task and job
  • Creating Documents (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and PDF)
  • Data Entering
  • Data Mining
  • Copy paste data from site to excel, google doc
  • Hand Written Manuscripts Rewrite
  • Editing in any format
  • Presentation
  • Info-graphic
In one order I will do 40 Standard Pages (1000 -1500 words) with full satisfaction guaranteed and accuracy. Every Thing must be in English, hand written notes should be clear & readable. 
Ask question frequently any time communicate well
I will deliver you a draft before delivering Final Product for your approval. If you did not claim any change that you want, the final product will be deliver. I will offer you number less reviews till your satisfaction and then final product will be deliver.