I will share your News on social media

share your News on social media

About This Gig

This service is especially designed for News Agencies (also, it works for some news websites)!

As a news agency you know the best that it's critical to get your news shared on social media by as many people as possible. For a news Agency don't exists miracles and it's not enough to dominate the social media with a single share on most important social media websites.

What I'll do for you?
- I'll share your link on TOP 4 most important social media websites;
- I'll use 3 different sociaI accounts (it means 3 x 4 = 12 shares in total);
- I'll use 2 years old accounts, manually managed only by me (you'll not get the login details);
- I'll use accounts that are optimized for USA and Europe.

THAT'S ALL: you get 12 shares in total (made via 3 different sociaI profiles).

- this service don't do miracles, don't make you a billionaire, don't offer instant traffic, video v!ew5 and other related stuff (don't order if you are not an agency or you don't understand it!);
- this service helps you to increase the authority on sociaI media;
- you'll need tens or even hundreds of manual shares from other EU & US sellers to get your content viral on the internet.

Order Details

TOP 4 social media websites

You get 12 shares in total (made via 3 different social profiles on TOP 4 social media websites).

3 days delivery