I will professionally Ghostwrite and Rewrite your Ebooks

professionally Ghostwrite and Rewrite your Ebooks

About This Gig

Want to get your very own book or an eBook written by a professional ghostwriter, but be published in your name? Well, now you can start from fiver. 

Are you looking for the Best Contents and Ideas Developer here on fiverr??

I am your best bet!

Give me a topic (PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING) and I'll go out of my way to research and write for you on that topic. I can write both fiction and non-fiction. You can provide me the list of contents or leave them for me to decide (for extra gig) 

My writing and researching services include
- Brainstorming topic angles 
- Researching a topic via authoritative sources 
- Drafting early components of a project
- Providing a cohesive structure for multiple ideas 

All copyrights will belong to you so you're free to do whatever you like with it :)

NO compromise on quality!

What are you waiting for???, Contact me today!

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