I will promote your band or music project on twitter

It was great
Reviewed by simonulrich about 20 hours ago
Excellent work Brad, looking forward to doing more business in the future.
Reviewed by cocoyclaravall 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by allvinyl 11 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by rubiconmedia 12 months ago
promote your band or music project on twitter

About This Gig

I will promote your band or music-related project on my Twitter account with over 12,600 plus followers! Send me your pre-written message of up to 140 characters and I will tweet (post) your message up to 3 different times! 

I will post your original message, but reserve the right to add/delete words and hashtags to get your post better coverage.

I help musicians, singers, songwriters, bands and those within the music industry on a daily basis with my business in the Austin, Texas area. 

Provide your @ profile name and I will follow you.

I'm @AustinMSlingers on Twitter and I currently work with several musicians/bands providing them with website design/maintenance, content marketing, social media management/consulting, SEO, and photography services.

Many of my Tweets get Re-Tweeted  and Favorited with some receiving comments as well.

Once I'm done, you'll receive a report that details all my work. I'm well known for over-delivering on my promised work. 

This gig is for Musicians/Bands and those directly connected to the Music industry only, so if you're in a different type of business, please see my other gig listed under my profile. Thanks!