I will do a hand drawn portrait for twenty five not

Good Experience!
Reviewed by wisescarab almost 2 years ago
Talented, responsive, even social! Jen is an actual artist you should give a shot.
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Great Job! Thanks!
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do a hand drawn portrait for twenty five not
do a hand drawn portrait for twenty five not
do a hand drawn portrait for twenty five not

About This Gig

Please note that I am charging at least $20 a piece because this is not Digital or no Software nor Program will be used to come up with the artwork. Plain old school stuff.

How It Works:

You send me the Digital Image meeting the requirements below then, I send you the scanned image of the original artwork in very high- resolution (You can see the artwork's texture). I can ship but it'll cost more and will depend on your location.

What I Require From You:

  1. Image should at least be 800x800 pixels in resolution in close up. (If otherwise, please contact me first). 
  2. Image should NOT be blurred or under-exposed (poor lighting).
  3. Image may or may not be full color. 
  4. For pets, please contact me first. 

What You Expect From Me:

1. Hand- drawn artwork of your image, head to chest.
2. In your preferred medium; colored pencils (Alanis Morissette), soft pastels (John Malkovich), oil pastels, graphite pencils, acrylic (gray scale only).
3. If you want me to use any of the harder mediums (oil, water color, ink or mixed), please contact me first.
4. A scanned image of your image.

Gig price is for one head only, increments of $15 for each additional head.