I will create the theme of your dream

create the theme of your dream
create the theme of your dream
create the theme of your dream

About This Gig

My name is William Beran and I have made sound effects and musical scores for games, apps and albums for over ten years.  

I attended Berklee College of Music and received my Specialist Certificate in Musical Composition and Sound for Games and Movies.  I learned from Jack Wall, composer and sound enthusiast of several Call Of Duty(R) and the "before-its-time" scores of Mass Effect : One and Two.

Bio-Night : Orgins
    One of the most successful Kickstarter projects, was one of the first teams to join the online cloud.  Meeting several times a day, with different departments of the game, the game was poised for release, when the management team, disappeared.
          The funds from the Kickstarter champaign were reportedly not returned to any pledges.
 -Lead Sound Designer
-Graphic Designer

Red Faction : Armageddon
     I was a project sound specialist brought into a game testing group.

I enjoy working with others towards a common, creative goal.  

Music and sound design might only use one of your senses.  But when paired with vision, can make for break a game - no matter how small the detail.

One sound effect, one gig.  

One song, 30 seconds, one gig.

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