I will create a schedule 3 from TDWaterhouse trading data

create a schedule 3 from TDWaterhouse trading data

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With your CSV file TD Waterhouse provides you, and with your 'carry in' information, I will produce a table that is the input for your Canadian income tax Schedule 3.  The table has the Schedule 3 headings to make transcribing the data easy.

Also created will be a 'carry out' file.  This file will represent those securities that are still held at the end of the year.  This carry out file is used as your 'carry in' file for the next tax year.

Your 'carry In' information is a table that you produce, in the TD Waterhouse format, that represents the holdings that you had coming into tax year.  This is only needed is you held securities coming into the year.

If there were any stocks that split or changed names, then you would need to adjust or modify your data as needed.

If your data indicates missing data, I will rerun your file when you can provide a file without missing data.  Missing data shows up as a security being sold for which there was none held, or bought.  This signifies some missing data. Not likely missing from TD, but missing from your 'carry in' information.  

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