I will teach you to speak like a Kenyan

teach you to speak like a Kenyan

About This Gig

Learn how to speak Barack Obama's father's language. 

The Luo (also called Joluo, singular Jaluo) are an ethnic group in western Kenya, eastern Uganda, and in Mara Region in northern Tanzania. They are part of a larger group of ethnolinguistically related Luo peoples who inhabit an area ranging from Southern Sudan (South Sudan), South-Western Ethiopia, Northern and Eastern Uganda, South-Western Kenya and North-Eastern Tanzania.

As a fluent speaker of various languages I am willing to share my wisdom and teach you how to speak a very in demand Kenyan language. The session would involve one on one lessons where I would all that there is to know about the Luo language..from understanding the words to perfectly pronunciation them. 

Learning the language can help you stay ahead of the game..especially during those instances where you on holiday in Kenya and you want communicate with the locals.

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