I will cast a Diet WEIGHT Loss Spell on You or a Friend White Magic

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Willow Malone – Fiverr White Witch


I will Cast a Weight Loss Diet Spell on You or a Friend using White Magic

You or a friends Handwritten Name will be rested under a Blue Apatite Crystal

To have Photographs of You or a Friend please chose the corresponding Extra

The Green Candles will then be lit to begin the Diet Spell

A Spell Chant will commence once your name/photograph is combined within the cauldron and the spell candle is lit

Names or Photographs will be combined with Powerful ingredients within the cauldron

The spell will end with the Snuffing of the Green Candle and covering of the Cauldron.

You will Receive a full UNCUT Personalised Spell Video


POWERFUL ingredients ($5)

Blue Apatite Stone - surpasses feelings of hunger and stimulates the metabolism

Dandelion - powerful natural ingredient for Weight Loss


Extra POWERFUL Ingredients ($10)

AngelicaAids users who are attempting to achieve a goal

Ginseng Rootpowerful natural stimulant gives user Energy and Increases Weight Loss Effects