I will cast a Powerful LOVE Spell on a Crush or Lover


About This Gig


★ Willow Malone – Fiverr White Witch ★

I will Cast a Powerful Love Spell on a Crush or Lover using White Magic

You and your desires Handwritten Names will be tied together in Pink ribbon and rested under a Powerful Rose Quarts Crystal

To have Photographs of You and Your Desire please chose the Extra

The RED Candles will then be lit to begin the Love Spell

A Spell Chant will commence which can be personalized to Him/Her Her/Him Her/Her Him/Him etc. also Names if you so wish

Your names or Photographs will be combined with Powerful ingredients within the cauldron protected by Blessed Salt.

The spell will end with the Snuffing of the Red Candle and covering of the Cauldron.

You will receive a full UNCUT Personalized Spell Video


★ POWERFUL ingredients ($5) ★

Fennel used to Awaken Love

Frangipani Oil used to gain the confidence or trust of a person that you desire

Ginger Root Used to arouse a Reluctant Lover or Crush


★ Extra POWERFUL Ingredients ($10) ★

Violet used to draw in sexuality

Dill Seeds used for Lust

Juniper used to increase sexual potency

Extra:perform a small CLEANSING SPELL before the spell