I will cast Stimulating HEALING Spell on You or family White Magic


About This Gig


★ Willow Malone – Fiverr White Witch 

I will Cast a Stimulating Healing Spell on You or family using White Magic

You or a loved ones Handwritten Name will be tied together in Blue Ribbon and rested under a Cleansing Quarts Crystal

To have Photographs of You or a Loved One please chose the Extra

The Blue Candles will then be lit to begin the Health Spell

A Spell Chant will commence once your name/photograph is combined within the cauldron and the spell candle is lit

Names or Photographs will be combined with Powerful ingredients within the cauldron

The spell will end with the Snuffing of the Blue Candle

You will Receive an UNCUT Personalized Spell Video


★ POWERFUL ingredients ($5) 

Clear Quarts Stone amplifies the energy and stimulates the immune system

Holy Water adds Protection to the user repelling dark energy and demons

Burdock powerful natural healing ingredient for healing and purification


★ Extra POWERFUL Ingredients ($10) 

Blackberry used to invoke the Goddess bring powerful healing and prosperity

Yarrow aids with fear and promotes calm, inner strength, psychic powers and courage