I will cleanse the AURA of you or a friend using White Magic


About This Gig


Willow Malone – Fiverr White Witch

 I will Cleanse the Aura of a User using White Magic

You or a friends Handwritten Name will be rested under a Pure Crystal Quartz

To have Photographs of You or a Friend please chose the corresponding Extra

The Silver Candles will then be lit to begin the Aura Clensing Spell

A Spell Chant will commence once your name/photograph is added to the ceremony and the spell candle is lit

Names/Photographs will be combined with Powerful Ingredients to cleanse the Aura of the user

The spell will end with the Snuffing of the Spell Candle

You will Receive a full UNCUT Personalised Spell Video


POWERFUL ingredients ($5)

Clear Crystal Quartz - powerful natural stone used for all round cleansing

Salt Water - Cleanses Aura and washes away negative energies attached to users Aura

Cloves - Raises spiritual vibrations used for mental and Aura clarity


Extra POWERFUL Ingredients ($10)

Sage Smudge Stick - Sage penetrates users energy field cleansing energy and users Aura effectively

Citronella Oil  - Brings added protection to the Aura from external forces and cleanses