I will open and Stimulate Heart CHAKRA for love and relationships using White Magic


About This Gig


Willow Malone – Fiverr White Witch

 I will Open and Stimulate a Users Heart Chakra using White Magic

The Heart Chakra is linked to Love & Compassion, Ego, Hope, Positive Attitude, Confidence and Emotional Balance

Your handwritten name or photograph will be placed inside the Green Lantern. To have a Photograph please chose the corresponding Extra

The Green Candle will then be to Open the Heart Chakra

A Chant will commence once the name or photograph has been placed within the Green Lantern

Your name or Photograph will be combined with Powerful Ingredients around the Green Lantern surrounded by Blessed Salt.

You will receive a full Video of the Ceremony

  POWERFUL ingredients ($5)

Salt Circle - Concentrates the Ceremony and Adds Protection to the User

Moss Agate Stone - Green crystal energy of Moss Agate re-balances the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz - Speaks directly to the Heart Chakra aiding emotional wounds and fears allowing love


Extra POWERFUL Ingredients ($10)

Rose Incense -  Incense for the Heart Chakra. Energises the Heart Chakra

Cinnamon Oil - will Stimulate the power and energy of the Chakra dramatically